Trinity #1 was written and drawn by Francis Manapul. I really enjoyed his work on Detective Comics, one of the only highlights of the New 52 for me. This is a story of how the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and the New 52 Batman and Wonder Woman bond as teammates and friends.
It starts with Lois inviting Bruce and Diana to dinner. An unfortunate mishap occurs with Superman’s son, Jon, but thankfully everything turns out alright. They sit down together and trade stories of the heroes they once knew. Clark tells a funny story of Batman in a rainbow suit and Bruce tells one of how he and Superman were able to bond. These are however not the same people.
Diana, who once loved New 52 Superman, cleared the air with Lois about her Clark. Diana isn’t looking to get involved with the new Man of Steel. The narrative is told from Lois’s point of view which is interesting. The story ends with a mysterious voice coming from the Kent Barn and a strange view into the past.
The story and art were wonderful. This is something I wasn’t expecting, but it turned out great and is definitely a new standout of the Rebirth line. If you are a fan of the Trinity characters and like the story behind the capes and cowls, I highly recommend this book.


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