There’s a new “Power Man and Iron Fist” series out by Marvel and I thought I would review it in anticipation of the Luke Cage TV series coming to Netflix Friday. The quick synopsis is that Luke and Danny’s former assistant was released from jail, after she killed her boyfriend while possessed. She teamed with Black Mariah to get this necklace from Tombstone. She tricked Luke and Danny to get it and trouble ensues. I don’t want to get to spoiler-y.

I liked it. Granted, I haven’t read much Marvel over the last few years. Plus, I normally stick to Spider-Man and The X-Men. I became a fan of Luke Cage in “New Avengers (2004-10)” and loved Mike Colter’s performance in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on Netflix. I’ve never been a big fan of Iron Fist. It changed with this first volume.

Written by David Walker and illustrated by Sanford Greene, it introduced you to a modern day Heroes for Hire team and gave some insights to Luke’s home life with Jess and Danielle, their daughter. It felt like a buddy cop story. Luke is the straight man while Danny Rand tells the jokes. Sometimes, Luke sneaks a few through. There’s also a special cameo involving a character with a film approaching. That’s a pretty funny moment too. There’s a bonus story at the end involving a radio station. It’s pretty hilarious.

This is a good jumping on point for new readers, although I’d suggest picking up “Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection: Heroes for Hire”, which covers their stories from the seventies. Also, grab “New Avengers (2004-10)” and “New Avengers (2010-12)”. Those stories involve Luke being a member of and leading the Avengers. I’ll definitely pick up the next trade when it comes out. This book and “Black Panther” are the best Marvel has right now.

As a side note, I’ll be writing reviews for each episode of “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, so check back over the weekend or whenever you get through the season. Thanks for reading.


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