There has been an argument over the last few years about original films. The Nice Guys is considered one of those films. While I don’t subscribe to the argument, I will also not delve too much into it right now. I will say that The Nice Guys is as unique as most people say it is. It borrows from other films and Shane Black puts his unique spin on it. Ryan Gosling is a private detective that is looking for a dead model that her grandmother swears she saw days after the funeral. Russell Crowe is a guy who protects young girls from men preying on them. At the center of the story is Amelia, a girl who is in trouble with some thugs and her mother.

The plot is a good one. All of these people are looking for Amelia because she can name names regarding an auto industry scandal. Ryan and Russell become reluctant partners, after they find out dangerous people are after Amelia. The ensuing adventure is fun and hilarious, especially as Gosling’s daughter goes along for the ride. Speaking as no little girl should, she ends up being the most adult character in the movie. The film plays out like a normal bumbling idiot story, except both of them are bumbling idiots. That’s a drawback, as well as the story ending on a sour note. The film feels like it ends two or three times before it should, which also bothered me.

The final moments gave me a feeling that this was more like an origin story than a completed one. At the end, they make their own advertisement for their detective agency, opening up to the possibility for a sequel. That is sort of ironic for a film touted as one of the only original films coming out of Hollywood. Russell Crowe didn’t seem to be at the top of his game. Gosling was okay. Overall, I liked it. There are definitely flaws in the script that stop it from being a good flowing story. I won’t blame the editor because it seems to be a stylistic choice by Black. The film was shot and put together wonderfully. Sometimes, Shane Black takes big chances. On a scale of 0-100, I’d give it an 86%.


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