To gear up for season 3 of “The Flash”, I’ve decided to give a little bit of my thoughts on the series and how Flashpoint may factor into the TV universe. Now, I will be talking about Seasons 1 and 2 as well as both “Flashpoint”, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, and “The Flashpoint Paradox”, the DC animated movie. So… Spoilers. Obviously…

I will begin with this. My true introduction to the Flash was through the Justice League cartoon of the early 2000s. I did, however, go back and read “The Flash” comic books featuring Wally West. For all intents and purposes, Wally West is my Flash. The show uses Barry Allen as the Flash, which makes sense because he’s the most popular and well-known Flash. I loved the first season, even though it wasn’t very much like the comic. The addition of Joe West as a character was awesome, especially with Jesse L. Martin as the actor. He was my favorite on Law and Order and I was sad when he left. The Barry and Joe relationship, to me, is the key to the show. The first season has my favorite episode, “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. The emotional backdrop of not only it being the Christmas episode, but where Barry faces off against the man who killed his mother and tells Iris that he loves her. Joe and Barry have this wonderful conversation towards the end of the episode where Barry tells Joe that he feels stuck in Central City because of the night his mom died and his father being sent to prison for it. Fear kept him from moving or even traveling abroad in college. When he tells Joe that his fear stopped him from beating the man in yellow, Joe tells him a story about how Barry created a light in his life. Joe tells him to keep his light and that “The world may need the Flash, but I need my Barry Allen”. That is my favorite moment of the show and illustrates the importance of this relationship in the show. The end of the season shows Barry given the chance by EoBard Thawne/Reverse Flash/Not-Dr. Wells to save his mom and in a heartbreaking move, he lets her die because he knows that everyone else’s lives will be affected.

Remember this moment and the fact that another Barry told him not to save her. Season 2 was not as great for me as the first. I still liked it and there were great moments, including the episode where Barry, Cisco and Earth 2 Wells go to Earth-2 and the Kevin Smith directed episode “The Runaway Dinosaur”. His dad gets out of the Klink and then decides to leave. It made sense because you can’t have 3 father figures on the show and it was getting pretty packed. The appearance of Jay Garrick, who ended up not being Jay but Hunter Zoloman or Zoom, opened up the multiverse. I personally love time travel and the multiverse. Unfortunately, Zoom kills Henry Allen. When they save one of Zoom’s captives, they find the real Jay Garrick who looks a lot like Henry Allen. Well, that is the Henry Allen of Earth-2. Even after Barry and Iris kiss. He still feels the need to save his parents. So he does and alters the timeline.

Now… to season 3. We know it will be based on “Flashpoint”, which deals with the ramifications of Barry going back in time to save his mom and causes the DC universe to change. Superman gets looked up by the government, after crashing in Metropolis instead of Kansas. Thomas Wayne becomes Batman, when Bruce was murdered in Crime Alley. Martha Wayne becomes The Joker. Aquaman and Wonder Woman fight over the earth, after Diana killed Hera. In reality, I don’t see any of those things happening on “The Flash”. It does seem like Wally will be a speedster and Cisco is rich, from the trailers. Captain Cold is Citizen Cold so maybe Wentworth Miller will be back and Slade is a pirate ship captain. That would be interesting….

How will the rest of the “Arrowverse” be affected? I’m not sure, but I think the Green Arrow will be Robert Queen, like on Earth-2. I am hoping that there will be more changes to the other shows. Maybe not on “Supergirl” since she’s on a different earth, but definitely “Arrow”. I believe everyone who is dead will be alive, like Laurel, Tommy and Moira. I think Ollie and Sara died on the boat. I would bet the Queens are broke and Thea is a villain with Roy. I haven’t heard of all of these people coming back, but some of them will be reprising their roles. How will “Legends of Tomorrow” play a role, if any since they are separated from the timeline. Is this why the JSA showed up? On the Flash, it seems to be that The West family has no connection to Barry and Iris just remembers him from school. His parents are alive. I’m not sure how long it will take to change things back because the four show crossover will be around episode nine. Will they stretch it until then? It won’t be long until we get answers because “The Flash” season 3 will premiere on on the CW on Tuesday, October 4th.


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