Note: Spoilers are below. Do not read, if you haven’t seen the first 3 episodes.

As Luke deals with the aftermath of Pop’s death, he keeps saying a mantra he shared with Pop. “Always Forward.” As Luke picks a casket for Pop at the undertaker’s, Cottonmouth arrives and says it’s all paid. He and Luke get in each other’s faces a bit and go there separate ways. Luke made his way back to Pop’s Barbershop and talked to the man who played chess. Luke tries to figure out a way to save the barbershop as Misty questions Chico at the hospital. As Luke went to see Chico, he bumped into Misty who made some accusations.

Luke hits Cottonmouth’s stash houses, forcing him to move his cash to Mariah’s office at the community center. We get a little more insight into Misty and her partner. As Cottonmouth talks to a rival, he declares war on him. Meanwhile, Luke devastates the crew guarding the projects with Cottonmouth’s money as “Bring the Ruckus” by Wu-Tang Clan.

Misty and her partner are on opposite sides of the vigilante issue, similar to Civil War. Misty doesn’t like the idea. She’s on to Luke. Her partner picks up Chico and he tells him that he’s ready to talk after seeing what Luke did. Then as Chico says Luke’s name, her partner chokes Chico to death with his tie. The next scene shows her partner on the payroll of Cottonmouth. He gives cottonmouth all of Luke’s info. Luke gives the chess player money to keep the barbershop running and then goes back to the Chinese restaurant with some money for them. As Luke talks to the owner, cottonmouth shoots a rocket launcher at the restaurant, blowing it up and ending the episode.

In this episode, we get to see Luke be a detective of sorts. He gets information from the chess player and Chico and follows the clues. As a Celtics fan, I love the fact that Misty’s dad was a fan of the C’s living in New York City. That projects sequence was better than the trailers. The score is really killer too, especially after Chico is killed. I didn’t like this episode as much as the second one. It was still solid and kept the story moving forward. “Forward Always “


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