Note: Spoilers are below. Don’t read unless you’ve seen Episodes 1-4.

After Cottonmouth literally drops a building on Luke, He tries to dig them out and Misty investigates from the outside. Most of the episode involves flashbacks of Luke, or Carl Lucas, in prison. We see him in a funny wig and a long beard. We find out that Reva was the prison councilor at Seagate. The guards get him to participate in boxing matches under the prison. As Carl tried to expose the boxing ring, his friend in prison is killed and Reva leaves after Carl gets beaten by Shades and another guy. On the brink of death, the prison doctor experiments on Carl. One of the Guard turns up the heat on the machine, trying to kill Carl. Instead, he becomes Luke Cage. The Guard dies in the explosion and Luke punches his way out of prison and out of the rubble in present day. He and Reva go on the lamb and find out how he got his new name. At the end, they get out of the rubble and Luke has his “I am Ironman” moment.

In this episode, we get to hear Luke say “Sweet Christmas” and have a sort of tiara, like he does in his earlier comics. We also get his origin story for this universe. You also see his relationship with Reva, which has been building since his appearance in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”. He also has a flash drive from the prison. I’m not sure if the same one that Kilgrave is looking for in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.” I liked this episode. It felt reminiscent of “Marvel’s Daredevil” Season 2, where the first four episodes were their own arc. These first four episodes were pretty much his origins and now, I hope, we get down to the nitty gritty in these back nine episodes.


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