In this episode, Cottonmouth decides to rob people to get at Luke. As he gets fitted for a suit for Pop’s memorial, people come to him about the robberies. He approached Cottonmouth at the club and showed him how bulletproof he is. Shades recognized who Luke really was and told Cottonmouth about prison and the experiment. We also get some Rosario Dawson, Claire Temple, scenes in her mother’s diner in Harlem. Shades convinces Cottonmouth to have Diamondback take care of Luke in exchange for bullets made of unearthly metal. Misty is approached about Scharffe’s crookedness. Luke searches for everyone’s stolen belongings. Everyone files into the memorial service. Cottonmouth gives a speech at the pulpit. Luke also went up and gave a touching speech.

I really liked this episode. It showed Luke as the reluctant hero and how he was able to turn the tide against him and win a battle against Cottonmouth. I liked that Rosario Dawson returned to add more connective tissue to the Netflix universe. The speeches were so powerful. Cottonmouth thought he was going to win the soul of the people, but Luke stole the show. This shows how great of a hero Luke can be without him even knowing about it. This was a very solid episode with a mix of kickass fighting and quiet, emotional moments.


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