Spoilers for previous episodes below.

Trish from “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” is back with her talk show to begin the episode. Cottonmouth meets with Scharffe and, after an ultimatum about weapons, he shoots Scharffe. Luke goes running and sees Mariah shooting a TV interview or Commercial. They exchange words. Mariah and Cottonmouth conspire against Luke and then Cottonmouth called one of the lieutenants on the force.

Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) talks to Luke at the diner and down to the barbershop, where he finds Scharffe in need of help. Misty and the police search for Scharffe. Scharffe agrees to help take down Cottonmouth, if Cage saves him. Luke goes to his apartment to get the information on Cottonmouth. Misty sees him jumping out of Scharffe’s window and he heads back to the shop. They move Scharffe with Cottonmouth and Misty hunting them down. Misty finds out that Lieutenant Perez is dirty and finds Luke, Claire and Scharffe near One Police Plaza. Scharffe dies but his information puts Cottonmouth in cuffs and Mariah lost for words in an interview.

This was a great episode. There was tension as you didn’t know what would happen next. Would Luke go away in cuffs? The addition of Claire is great. I love that character. Dawson makes this woman the audience’s proxy to all these people with abilities. She also proved that you don’t need to be bulletproof to be a hero. Misty also finally realizes that somethings don’t go by the book after the corruption is uncovered, leaving us to wonder what she’ll do next. Halfway through the season and I’m enjoying this more than any of the other MCU Netflix shows.


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