Spoilers for previous episodes below.

Cottonmouth is free and wants a parlay with Luke. The flashbacks involve Cottonmouth’s past. We get a look at his upbringing in a gang family. His parents and Uncle are all gunrunners. In the present, Cottonmouth threatens Luke by giving him up to the cops since he’s a fugitive. Seeing the younger Cottonmouth is every interesting compared to the older one. Luke pays Domingo Colon a visit looking for the guns that Cottonmouth wanted. Misty deals with the fallout of Scarffe and looks into Cage. Mariah stepped up to Cottonmouth and killed him. Shades saw her over Cottonmouth’s dead body and suggested to blame it on Luke. Luke bumps into Misty and they have another discussion where he tells her where the dirty guns are located. Luke and Claire take a walk through the neighborhood where he gets hit by a Judas bullet.

This was another great episode. This may be in my top 3 of the season so far. I loved seeing how Cottonmouth was never really meant for this life. He was brought into it by force. Mariah is the real psychopath. I love that she’s coming into her villainous role. Misty is a little worrisome to me. I’m not a hundred percent in love with her character’s arc. She was sort of sidelined in this episode, but I hope she starts to peel herself away from the system a bit and go rogue. I love that they aren’t forcing Luke and Claire into a relationship. They are much better as friends. I really doubt that Luke dies, so I wonder if we’ll get a look at the shooter, who may be Diamondback. He’s another character steeped in Luke Cage comic lore.


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