Spoilers for previous episodes below.

The episode starts with Luke on the ground shot. The shadowy figure watched Luke and Claire get into the back of an Ambulance. The mystery shooter shot at the Ambulance and flipped it over. Claire brought him to a woman’s clinic.

Meanwhile, Luke’s being set up for Cottonmouth’s death. Shades takes over his operation while Mariah plays stupid to Misty. Misty finds Luke and tries to arrest him when they are fired upon. Luke hunts down his assailant and we find out it’s Diamondback, Luke’s brother Willis Stryker. As they fight in a nearby theater, Misty brings Claire in and interrogates her roughly. Claire is free to go. Mariah keeps listening to Shades and Stryker puts another Judas bullet in Luke, who falls into a garbage truck.

I really liked this episode. The fighting was awesome and finally being able to see Stryker on screen was fantastic. I feel like a broken record, but I am really enjoying this series. Seeing Misty fall a little to the dark side was interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Shades. I don’t really understand his connection to all of this with Mariah. Does he really work for Willis? Or is he just trying to muscle his way in? Also how did Willis become this powerful gangbanger in Harlem if they are from Georgia? So many questions and only five episodes left.


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