Luke and Misty are pinned down behind the bar. He makes his way to the kitchen. Misty is bleeding out. Luke barricades the kitchen and hides in a prohibition era bunker. Willis blows up the kitchen, but couldn’t find Luke. He keeps hostages, including Claire. She makes her way downstairs and helps Cage with Misty. The police, outside, were starting to think Cage isn’t the problem. Willis and Shades find out Claire is there. Willis kills the councilman he had as a hostage with his Luke glove device. Luke fights his way to the first floor where Willis has Candice, the eyewitness Mariah paid off to blame Cottonmouth’s death on Luke, over a balcony. Luke catches her as Willis gets away. The cops storm the building and Luke surrenders.

This was another quiet exposition episode, but it was better than the other one. This one had intrigue and action as well as revelations. It seems like Luke may be off the hook with only two episodes to go. I really like this series. Unfortunately, the Netflix MCU shows have been slowing things down between episodes 8-11 for some reason. Maybe it’s because they make the front episodes so great that they just need the filler.  In this series, only 10 and 11 were letdowns so far. I hope the last two are great.


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