We pick up outside of the club. Misty warned Luke about running, but he did anyway. The police began a manhunt while Misty is trying to find Diamondback. Turk is back in the picture and helping Diamondback. Luke ended back at the barbershop as he planned his next move.

Shades got sprung from the police precinct and led back to the new hangout. He is attacked in the elevator up to the roof where Shades kills Zip. Mariah is still trying to make moves. Diamondback pays her a visit. Back at the warehouse, he and his men come under fire from Domingo’s crew. Luke found Domingo and his crew badly injured.

Bobby Fish is still at the barbershop and Mariah and Shades came to make a parlay. In exchange for giving Diamondback to the pair, Luke will get his freedom. In the meantime, Misty shows up and hostility flare. Then Diamondback shows up, blasts open the front of the barbershop and has some kind of protective gear on. It ends with Luke and Willis going at it.

We got a Stan Lee cameo. That poster from the police station in Daredevil and Jessica Jones made it out to the streets. It hung on a building being robbed. Luke Cage stopped the robbery, but guess who was in the store? Method Man. He goes on Sway’s Universe and tells everyone the story. He even does a Luke Cage freestyle. It was a great moment where the real world and the Comic Book world collided. This was a much better episode than the last couple. A lot more action intertwined with the story building points. Diamondback’s suit looks just like the comics. We didn’t see Claire so maybe she’s gone for now. The season finale should be great.


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