We start in media res. Luke and Willis go at it in the street outside Pop’s Barbershop. The crowd chanted for Luke and he defeated Willis. Misty arrested Mariah for the murder of Cottonmouth. Luke is arrested and brought in to clear up the charges against him. They interrogated Mariah, but found out that Shades killed Candice, the only witness. Mariah was freed and Misty was upset. Luke and Claire had dinner and saw Mariah leaving. Misty filled in Luke of the situation. Federal Marshalls come to arrest Carl Lucas for escaping Seagate. Claire kisses him as he’s taken away. Bobby Fish found the file in the barbershop that can prove Luke’s innocence. Dr. Bernstein was with Diamondback in the hospital.

This was a great finale with teases as to what is to come. His monologue about Harlem was fantastic. I liked the fight between Luke and Willis too. Mariah has become the villain she should be and I’m still not a fan of Shades. I’m a little bummed that they had Luke and Claire get together. I thought it would be better for them to be friends. I feel like she is going to play a big role in The Defenders. These last two episodes made up for the lull we had earlier. Overall, I really liked it. This was a great season and if you excuse me, I’ll be watching the season all over again.


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