In this episode, we find Misty talking to a shrink in an interrogation room and Luke waking up from the garbage truck. Shades is in Cottonmouth’s office and Diamondback walks in, almost shooting him. Luke has an encounter with the police and makes sure they don’t get killed before stealing their cruiser. Misty continues to get drilled by the shrink. She tells a story about her cousin dying and the conversation switches to Scarfe and Misty’s mistakes. Mariah attempts to convened the bosses and sees video of Luke’s attack. Claire brings Luke to Dr.  Bernstein, who experimented on Luke in prison. At Mariah’s meeting of the heads, Diamondback shows up and kills everyone, except Mariah and Domingo. They figure out a way to get the shrapnel out of Luke. The doctor dips him in acid to be able to get into his skin. He goes into cardiac arrest and dies…

I assuming he isn’t really dead since there are four episodes left. The science stuff was kind of boring. Mariah was basically a pawn for Diamondback to kill most of the heads of the families. Misty is back on the case for Luke. Overall, this was probably the weakest since it was mostly exposition. We know Luke isn’t going to really die, so it felt like they just needed a reason for Luke to be out of the picture while Willis and Shades move in and take over. I’m hoping the series finishes strong.


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