The Flash Season 3 started with Barry living in this new timeline he created by saving his mother. Many things are different. Joe is a drunk, Cisco is rich, Iris doesn’t know Barry and Wally is the Flash. Barry still has his speed… I’m not sure why that timeline’s Barry isn’t around or why the pre-Flashpoint Barry hasn’t disappeared like the one from season one in last season’s finale.

There is a new speedster in Central City known as The Rival. Barry seems to be keeping EoBard Thawne in a glass case, like Zoom with Jay Garrick on Earth-2. He even suggests that Barry is now the villain because he changed the timeline for his own benefit. Barry starts forgetting the old timeline, which has always been an issue with me. It happens in the comic. Why would Barry forget his old life? Time travel wouldn’t affect memories. I don’t know how that idea was thought up.

Anyway, he realizes that he has to help Wally and tells his team about the old timeline, even kidnapping Caitlin who is an eye doctor. When the Rival mortally wounds Wally, Barry has to step in and save the day. Drunk Joe ends up shooting The Rival before he’s able to kill Barry. They get him back to Ramon Laboratories, but he’s not healing. Iris helps Barry say goodbye to his parents and frees Thawne so he can kill Nora Allen. This part felt really rushed. It would’ve been nice to see Barry live in the Flashpoint universe for a while and see what else has changed.

When Barry gets back to Joe’s house, he goes in and hugs Wally and they, along with Joe, toast to Henry Allen. Unfortunately, it seems not everything went back to normal when Barry finds out Joe and Iris don’t talk. The tag scene shows the guy who was Rival become Alchemy, the season’s big bad.

This was an okay episode. It wasn’t the best and wasn’t the worst. Do I think things were rushed a bit? Sure. I was hoping Flashpoint would last at least 3 episodes. I liked seeing this alternate reality play out. I do wish we could’ve had more time with the Allen’s. I guess my thoughts could be summarized as I wish they spent more time in the Flashpoint universe. I would definitely say this is the worst version of the Flashpoint story. The preview for next week shows Barry visiting Felicity. I wonder if they made it only one episode so that you could see the effects on Arrow. Whatever he did to the timeline should affect Arrow. Maybe not the other shows because Supergirl is on a different Earth and the Legends team is outside of time. I’d give this episode a 57%. It was definitely a letdown, but I am interested in the changes to the timeline.


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