Growing up in the shadow of Hasbro headquarters in Rhode Island, I loved G.I. Joe and Transformers. When I found out that IDW was going to crossover their Hasbro lines, I got excited. So, I picked up Revolution #1 & 2 written by John Barber and Cullen Bunn and art by Fico Ossio. They are very fun issues and crossover not just G.I. Joe and Transformers, but Action Man, M.A.S.K. and Rom. The Transformers are on Earth to collect an energy source called Ore-13, before it destroys the Planet. The humans think Optimus and the Transformers are trying to rule the Planet. This misunderstanding causes battles to ensue. ROM enters the battlefield and tragedy unfolds. Meanwhile, M.A.S.K. unveils their own transforming vehicle fleet under the command of Miles Mayhem. I really enjoyed these first two issues. The art was great and the story is really interesting. Of course, it’s one of those “what would happen if robots really did come to earth” stories. Which isn’t always bad. I love the M.A.S.K. arc in issue 2 as they start to realize the Autobots may not be the real enemy. I’m not positive what Rom’s role is in all of this, so we’ll have to see. I’ve never heard of this creative team before and I hope they finish strong because I like the art and story. I’d give issue one a 83% and issue two a 87%. I will definitely be getting the next three issues.


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