This week, I would normally grab Batman and Nightwing, but the horrid “Night of the Monster Men” arc is finishing up. I didn’t read any of the new 52 Green Arrow series or the first arc of Rebirth. I’ve been hearing so many good things about this series, I thought I’d jump in on this new arc “Island of Scars”. Benjamin Percy is writing while the art was drawn by Otto Schmidt. This issue is about Ollie being deserted on an Island and Dinah finds him. They have a little sexy outing before realizing Diggle is missing. Diggle, meanwhile, was taken by a robotic bear and brought to a lab inside a cave on the island.

This is obviously a set up issue, but it was tightly written and drawn. I loved this issue and will not only grab the rest of this arc, but grab the older issues of this series. I haven’t been a fan of what they have been doing with Dinah in her solo series at the end of the new 52 or the new Birds of Prey book. I’m also not a huge fan of her TV adaptation, Laurel on Arrow (I reviewed the season five premiere). I love her from the Gail Simone run on Birds of Prey and the Bronze Age Justice League Satellite era. I’ve never been a huge fan of Ollie, although I love Season 2 of Arrow and like Longbow Hunters. Anyway, I’m a big fan of this issue and I’ll give it a 93%.


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