I’m not a huge fan of Big Blue. I’ll say that off the bat. I did, however, enjoy this issue. Superman #8 starts the “Escape from Dinosaur Island” arc, written by Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi as well as art by Doug Mahnke. The new Super Dynamic Duo of Clark and Jon Kent are working on a project for school with Krypto. The device they built turns on and teleports them to an island with dilapidated WW2 era tanks and battlefield fatalities. Then, Dinosaurs attack the trio.

This was another great Rebirth Comic. Superman has always been one of my least favorite heroes. This has definitely made me start wondering about changing that. The art was also top notch, which is something that usually doesn’t wow me since I’m not an art guy. I like the dynamic between Clark and his son. Gleason and Tomasi did a fantastic job. You can tell they did a lot of work with Batman and Robin because it’s almost a Batman and Robin relationship, which I think is the best way to help make him more relatable… not like what we see on the big screen. I digress.

Like Green Arrow, I will be picking up the back issues of Superman Rebirth. I‘m very much looking forward to how this plays out. Are these real Dinosaurs? Where is this island? Why did the device bring them there? I can’t wait to see more of this and I will give this issue an 88%, simply because it was more set up than I’d like.


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