jwt-supergirlI will say that I wasn’t a fan of season one of Supergirl, but all of the promos sucked me in. The season two premiere of Supergirl starts off where season one ended, with Kara and J’onn flying after a ship hurtling to the ground. They open it to find a man in a Kryptonian pod. Kara and James go on a date, at Kara’s apartment, and watch the launch of the Venture. The Venture is a Space shuttle for the rich and famous. The launch goes wrong and it plummets to earth. That’s when we see him. Clark Kent. I never thought we’d see

Superman helps Supergirl save the shuttle and she brings him to see the man at the DEO. Back at Catco, Kat Grant goes gaga over Clark while Kara finds out that Lena Luthor was responsible for the shuttle malfunction. We also find out Lex Luthor is in jail and that once he tried to create an earthquake in California. That was a little reference to “Superman: The Movie” (1978).

Clark and Kara interview Lena Luthor about the Venture Explosion and she denies it. J’onn also tells Alex that the reason he and Superman don’t get along is because of a mission where the DEO found Kryptonite. Winn also determines that Lena wasn’t the suspect, but the target of the Venture attack.

Supergirl and Superman fly off to save Lena after her helicopter is attacked by a drone. We also get a nod to Gotham City, which made the Batman fan in me smile. Kara’s personal life isn’t as happy as her superhero one. Her relationship with James is on the rocks and Cat gave Kara half a day to think about what position she wants.

Lena Luthor’s press conference is attacked and we get some Super Cousin heroics again as Alex fights Corbin, the man hired by Lex to kill his sister. While fighting, Lena shoots him as he goes to kill Alex. As Clark talks to Lena about his article about the attack, Lena suggests that Kara become a reporter. Kara tells Cat that she wants to be a reporter and she agreed. Kara moves on to talk to James and puts him in the friendzone. Winn joins the DEO. Clark decides to stay and Corbin becomes Metallo, thanks to Cadmus.

This was a fantastic episode and my second favorite of the series. I’m not really a fan of Superman, but when he popped up I smiled. It’s so cool that Superman, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter exist on the same show and that Superman’s characters can be on the show now. You can tell the subtle difference of being on the CW instead of CBS. It seems to take a page out of Flash’s book by adding Winn to the DEO as the voice in Kara’s ear and adding a little tag scene that teases the next episode. Some of the first season episode had them, but not as good as the Metallo one. The effects took a little hit, probably for budget reasons. It didn’t take away from the show though. I thought Tyler Hoechlin was great as Clark/Superman. The promo pictures gave me pause, but after seeing him in action he was great. I wish we got to see Lex, but maybe someday… just like maybe a Bruce Wayne cameo? Hey. A guy can dream, can’t he? I like the idea of Kara being a reporter, but I hope people don’t just claim it’s to make her more like Clark. Of the three Arrowverse premieres this season, this has been the best. I give this episode a 92% and I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this season.


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