jwt-flashIn this episode, Barry has to deal with the aftereffects of Flashpoint. Barry runs to see Felicity and explains that everything changed in his life; Joe and Iris don’t talk, Cisco’s brother is dead, Barry has a partner at the station and Barry and Iris never kissed. He also finds out Diggle has a son instead of a daughter. Felicity tells him to go fix it before we see Rival from the other timeline find Alchemy who promises to grant him his speed. Barry tries to gather everyone for a Team dinner and it backfires, meanwhile they all get an alert on the metahuman app.

The Rival, Clariss, shows up to race Barry and tells him he remembers the other timeline. After Iris approaches Barry about why he’s been acting weird, he tries to go back and fix things. Jay Garrick pulls him out of the speed stream and brings him to a diner. He tells him that Harry explained everything, including that Jay is his father’s doppelganger. He lectures him about the speed force and the space-time continuum. He comes back and explains to the team that he changed the timeline and can’t change it back. Cisco takes it hard and Barry tries to explain, but he doesn’t listen. Barry finds rival and gets blindsided by Alchemy.

As Team Flash talks about what Barry did, they find out he’s in trouble. As Barry almost gets killed by Rival, Cisco shows up in his Vibe suit. Iris and Joe make up and Cisco isn’t as Mad with Barry. After everyone walks away, Caitlin shows ice coming from her hand. Barry gets grilled by his new partner. Then on the porch, He kisses Iris like at the end of season two. The tag showed Clariss in Iron Heights and Alchemy, or Doctor Alchemy as Cisco calls him, grabbed him.

This episode was so much better than last episode. I’m glad they pointed out why Barry can’t just keep going back in time to fix things or mess them up. I like the conversation with Felicity and seeing that Flashpoint affected Arrow as well. Not sure if it’ll show that on Arrow, though. I hope so. I was also happy to see John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick again. I read that he’s trying to make Jay more like how his Barry was on the early 90s show, but 25 years later. I also enjoyed the Killer Frost tease.

I’m not a huge fan of Tom Felton’s character, Julian Albert. I never watched Harry Potter or anything else he’s starred. I hope my view of him changes. Once again, I wasn’t thrilled about Rival. He’s kind of lame, so I’m glad he’s locked up or maybe Doctor Alchemy killed him. I’m not sure. Speaking of the big baddie, I love the idea that it isn’t another speedster. Not a huge fan of Doctor Alchemy right now, but we didn’t get a whole lot.

Looking ahead, I like that Harry and Jesse will be back. It looks like Jesse has speedster powers so I wonder if Flashpoint affected Earth-2 or is that because of the dark matter hit last season? I’m also interested to see if Wally does become a speedster and if Caitlin turns evil. I hope Cisco goes out as Vibe more often. Ollie has all of his sidekicks, but Flash could use a partner.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode and would score it at 88%.


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