jwt-arrowThe second episode starts like the premiere, Oliver puts an arrow in Wild Dog as he interferes with Oliver again. Oliver, then, tries to get support for clinics as Mayor with Thea’s help from a company in Star City. We also get Diggle in an operation mission meeting. Oliver trains the new team to very poor results. One of the employees of the company gets attacked by a possible metahuman.

The CEO wants to back out of the clinics because of the risks. Oliver promises double the police presence. He decides that he will also be the backup as the Green Arrow. Felicity convinces him to take the new team out to help him. At the event, the meta shows up and Wild Dog grabbed a piece of their clothing. Felicity has her boyfriend, who is a cop, put it through forensics. Oliver chews out the recruits before heading back to the Mayor’s office. Meanwhile, on the mission Diggle’s team betrays him and steals the device they are after. The team abandons Oliver.

The CEO is working for Church, as Thea finds out. The general ties up Diggle and kills one of the other young Soldiers. Felicity uncovers that the company is going bankrupt and selling weapons to Church will help alleviate funds for the Genesis device that the Diggle’s squad is trying to steal.

At the arms sale, the metahuman shows up. So does Oliver and takes out church’s gang. The metahuman helps Oliver before Church kills him, but the CEO gets away. The weapons she sold had something to do with Damien Darhk. The man wasn’t a metahuman, just a boy whose father died on Genesis Day because of Damien Darhk. Oliver asks him to join his team.

Diggle is being the scapegoat for the weapons theft and Quinton Lance was offered a job in the Mayor’s office. He asked his team to come back. Prometheus attacks Church for almost killing Oliver. The flashbacks are just how Oliver got into the Bratva by performing the same test he gave to the team, which ends up getting everyone dead.

After a Premiere that gave me hope for the season, this episode went right back down to season four levels. I was disappointed to say the least. Plus, I couldn’t understand what Ragman was saying until he took off his mask. It was almost as bad as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Some pluses were Oliver trying to juggle his two jobs again. The Diggle stuff was weird and out of place. It seems like a way to either get him back to Star City or off the show. Felicity and Thea were good. I was getting bored and confused. This had such potential and kind of fell apart at the end. Especially with Church being able to hold his own against Oliver. Oliver is also using the Black Widow move a little too much. The flashbacks were pointless, which is disappointing because I’ve wanted to see the Russia flashbacks. It was overall disappointing. That’s really the only word that comes to mind after what I thought about the premiere. I’ll give this a 67%. Major drop off for me.


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