So… “Cage!” #1 caught my eye. It is certainly not your average book. It takes place in the 70s and the heroes have disappeared, except for Cyclops, Wolverine and Nightcrawler who are at Misty Knight’s apartment looking for Jean Grey. As Cage falls out of the window, A gang of his baddies are waiting for him. He fights a few of them before getting away. When he thinks he’s out of the woods, someone knocks him out…

Wow. This is an interesting book. It’s a little cartoon-y and has seventies style dialogue, but I’m not hating it at all. I like Genndy Tartakovsky’s writing and art. It reminds me of 70s-early 80s comics, which is my personal favorite era. I don’t think this is for everyone, but I liked it a lot although it was a quick read. I’m not exactly sure who the audience is meant to be. Maybe it’s along the lines of “Spidey”, which is more of a cartoon-y approach to the character. I’ll give it an 81%.

Moving on to a more mature title, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos are back with the character they created, Jessica Jones. “Jessica Jones” #1 is good, but a little confusing. Jessica was released from jail and multiple people are looking for her and Luke’s baby including Misty Knight and Jessica Drew. She takes a case from a woman who thinks her husband has gone crazy. At the end, she tails the husband when Luke appears at the passenger side door of her car.

Now, is this a continuation of “Alias”? That doesn’t make sense because you see the champions walk by as she talks to the woman. Why was she in jail? I haven’t been keeping up with Marvel, so maybe this has been touch on. Although there wasn’t an editor’s note instructing us to check out another issue or book. I hope this is all explained soon. I’d give this a solid 74%.



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