In Revolution #3, Matt from MASK yells at both Miles and Scarlet about kidnapping the Cybertronians and Scarlet also finds out about aliens taking over the bodies of the military. Then, we meet the Micronauts and they are confronted by a large humanoid robot, Micronus Prime, that Karaz, an evil robot leader, says is what he was made to look like. Optimus and his Autobot team argue with ROM about Ore-13 and how to save Earth. ROM also tells them about Micronus Prime, who is a Cybertronian who was a founder of their society. Karaz has a discussion with a trans dimensional being that tells him that his haste to save his world is destroying the source of the Ore-13. Instead, Karaz expedites his plans and activates the spacebridge. ROM begins to absorb the Ore-13 and sees this as a way to save the Micronus universe. The Micronauts are convinced by a trans dimensional being to go into the spacebridge to stop Karaz, where they find another large robot blocking the way.

This issue was interesting because it gives us some connectivity to the other franchises. It seems like the robots of the Micronauts universe are of the same technology as the Cybertronians, which makes sense. These Dire Wraiths are very similar to Skrulls in Marvel Comics lore. This was a good issue. It was more set up than actual action, but that’s necessary as this is the middle issue of this five issue miniseries. It sets the stage for a possible team up between the Joes and Cybertronians against Miles Manheim and the Dire Wraiths. I’ll give this issue an 82%. Not as exciting as the previous two, but it was necessary for the story.


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