“Reborn” is a new book by Image, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Greg Capullo. I will start by saying I like most of Miller’s work including Daredevil and Flash. I am not usually a huge fan of Capullo’s art. His gothic style is one of many reasons why I didn’t like he and Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. Anyway, the blurb caught my attention. It’s basically a story about the afterlife.

There is a sniper shooting people and then several other die for various reasons and then we cut to people waking up in a strange land. We see this woman, Bonnie, as she talks to her granddaughter about how she’ll die. Her friend went gracefully and strong, while she is weak and on Chemo treatments. She doesn’t believe in an afterlife like her friend or the nurse who cleans her bedpans. The doctor finds her on the floor the next morning after suffering from a stroke. They rush her into the operating room and as she closed her eyes, she knew it was the end. She woke up in a strange place with warriors and dragons and alien spaceships. Confused, Bonnie is shown to be the world’s savior and sees her father.

This was a fantastic issue. I was not expecting to love it, but I do. Even Capullo’s art. It isn’t that gothic style I didn’t like about Batman. It is a very fun looking style, in what is, the afterlife world. Millar’s writing is on point and the structure was interesting, cutting between events and the afterlife. It gives you a good sneak peek at what is to come. This is definitely on my pull list. I can’t think of many downsides to this issue. I give it a 100%. I try not to give anything a score that high.


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