The season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow starts with a mysterious man running into Mayor Queen’s office and saying he needs his help to save the Legends. After bringing him into his office, the man says he’s a time detective and knows Oliver is the Green Arrow and the Legends are dead. They go to an unconscious Heatwave and he runs them through the story. After a mission in long ago France, a time quake occurs in 1942, where a Nuke went off in NYC.
Even though Rex Tyler said not to go there, the Legends contemplate going to 1942. After finding out that Einstein was kidnapped prior to the bomb, the Legends decide to stop it. Sara goes off to find Darhk and Ray follows her. They find him talking to Nazis. Heatwave and Stein get Einstein away from Nazi spies. They find out that Einstein’s ex-wife helped the Nazis build the Nuclear bomb.
The Legends set off to rescue her after some words are exchanged between Ray and Sara. Something goes wrong as Ray tries to defuse the bomb and Sara has a battle with Darhk. Heatwave gets shot and Rip orders everyone to retreat. Jax realizes Rip has been teaching him about the Waverider in case something happens. They track the bomb to a Nazi U-Boat. They engage in an underwater battle with the U-boat. Rip heads on a collision course with the Nuke. He teleports everyone to different points in time except Heatwave, who wouldn’t survive the trip in his condition. The bomb blows up and takes the Waverider with it.
Oliver and Dr. Haywood ask Heatwave to help them find the team. Heatwave brings Dr. Haywood with him to find them and the Legends assemble in the Waverider to hear Rip’s final message to them. They decided to continue Rip’s mission and save Einstein by having him announce that his Ex-Wife was a collaborator. EoBard Thawne kills the Nazis in the U-Boat showing a team up with Darhk. The Justice Society of America appears as the Legends are about to leave 1942.
This was an exciting premiere. I thought that including Oliver was great. This episode showed the fun team side of the DC universe and is probably the closest we’ll get to a Justice League show. Last season was very hit and miss because they seemed to be unsure of how to gear the show. This show is at its best when the writers embrace the wacky side of these characters and time travel. I predict that this will be the set up show for the crossover. Flashpoint and The JSA will be the crux of whatever crisis happens involving the Dominators. Speaking of JSA, that was an epic entrance they made and excited every DC nerd. Also, Darhk and EoBard teaming up is awesome. I can’t wait until the rest of the Legion of Doom is assembled. They are getting really sweaty on this show and I love it. I think eventually Rip will be back. I want to see who becomes leader in his stead. My money is on Ray. Heatwave and Sara are too individualistic, Jax and Stein are more of a team and I can’t see them being a leader and Dr. Haywood is the new guy. Ray sort of seems like the logical choice. Anyway, this was one of the best episodes of Legends. I’ll give this episode an 88%. I wish Oliver did more in this episode, maybe even suit up. I think they found the displaced Legends too quick. I was hoping that Heatwave and Haywood would take an episode or two to find all of them. Overall, it was a very solid episode.


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