As a longtime Power Rangers fan, I was excited about the new comic series by Boom Studios. Written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Hendry Prasetya, the first volume takes place right after the Green with Evil miniseries from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but updated to today. It looks at the relationship between Tommy and the other Rangers, as well as the hold that Rita has on him. Tommy has hallucinations and trouble being part of the team.

The second arc involves a bad guy named Black Dragon, who has destroyed the command center and disconnected the Rangers from the morphing grid. Tommy, who is connected differently to the grid, still has his powers. Billy was taken to the Dark Dimension, where Goldar is still chained and banished for losing Tommy. Rita used his morpher to connect to the grid and take over the Zords. Tommy decides to take the Dragonzord up to Rita’s moon base as she is distracted with Earth. Jason pilots the Zord as Tommy goes to rescue Billy, but the last issue ends with Jason being attacked by Black Dragon.

I loved Higgins’s run on Nightwing during the New 52. I also liked Prasetya’s art. What I have disliked over the course of these past eight issues is Steve Orlando’s back story involving Bulk and Skull. They are very dull and kiddish, which goes against the rest of the book. Higgins is doing a spectacular job on this book. I like how detailed he is in his writing. It feels like I’m watching a more mature version of the TV show. With the first trailer for the Power Rangers movie coming out recently, I wish they had used Higgins as a screenwriter. He does have experience in that area. I am also kind of bummed that he won’t be writing the Justice League/ Power Ranger crossover in January. Regardless, this has been one of my favorite books and I’ll do a grading for issue 8. I wanted to give some of my thoughts on the issues released so far.


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