I’ve been catching up on some of my comics. The Back to the Future comic has been fantastic. The first volume was an anthology series that covered a few short stories in each issue. The second arc, “Continuity Conundrum”, tells a story of Marty and Jennifer six months after the end of Back to the Future Part III. Marty is in a funk without Doc and he gets spurred out of it by a letter from Clara. She says Doc is in trouble. Marty and Jennifer go off to find Doc’s lab for answers and Doc arrives in a diver’s suit with no memory of who Marty is or where he is. With a few run ins with Needles, Officer Tannen and future technology, Doc and Marty go to the Future to get some equipment for the Train Doc uses at the end of the trilogy. Also the last issue was a nice one-shot exploring the origin of Needles.
The adventure is great, especially with Bob Gale writing the story. I really enjoyed the art by John Barber. For those clamoring for another Back to the Future film, they should read this book. You can avoid the disasters that have been 80s reboots. This is a great continuation that gets Jennifer more involved in the story. She takes charge and acts as the counterbalance to Marty’s aloofness, similar to Marty’s role in Doc Brown’s life. Another fun aspect is going into the future, using what we know today. The expansion of hoverboard technology was nice to see. It had a Batman Beyond/Blade Runner feel. With that Needles story, I expected something like that where the bully is really this kid that just wants to fit in. It was a nice little in-between story.
Back to the Future is my favorite film of all time, so these characters and this story is very neat and dear to me. When I heard they were coming out with this book, I was so excited. This has been a fantastic story so far. IDW has been killing it with all of their 80s properties and this is no exception. As with Power Rangers, I’ll give the next issue a score. For now, I’ll just say I love it and hope it keeps going.


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