jwt-supergirlOn the second episode of Supergirl, Superman is still helping out Kara which doesn’t sit well with J’onn. We also see that the mysterious man from the pod is being dosed with Kyptonite, which doesn’t sit well with Clark. We see Corbin in the Cadmus lab become Metallo. Kara invites Clark to Sisters Night with Alex, where he says he’ll be leaving. The Supers fight Metallo on a bridge where he unleashes his kryptonite blaster in his chest. After Superman poses with Supergirl like on the cover of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Cadmus announces their presence to the world. After an argument between Clark and J’onn, they head off to the Fortress of Solitude and Kara goes back to work where she gets into a fight with her new boss, Snapper Carr. Snapper Carr is a little Easter Egg to the early days of the Justice League. He was their mascot during the silver age while their base of operations was in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.  Kara goes to see Cat who in turn tells Kara that she is taking a leave of absence from CatCo.

J’onn tries to explain to Clark at the Fortress of Solitude why he keeps Kryptonite. He doesn’t want earth to become Mars. Kara mulls moving to Metropolis with everything changing, which Alex doesn’t like. Supergirl and Superman head to where they located Metallo, but finds out there is another attack in Metropolis, forcing them to go. They get there too late and find Krypton Park destroyed. Winn works on the new suits for Kara and Clark. Alex has a conversation about Kara before spotting a possible mole. Alex catches the agent in the act, but the doctor who created Metallo shoots him. She tries to convince Alex to join Cadmus and warns the Doctor that she’ll find her father. Winn finishes the armor and they r ace off to fight each Metallo, one in Metropolis and one in National City. As their armor breaks down, Clark gets help from Manhunter and Kara from Alex in her Anti-Kryptonian gear. James is now taking over Cat’s job and she stands up to Snapper, who lets her come back the next day. Clark leaves and takes the Kryptonite with him. He also gets a call from Perry White and shows off his Clark persona.

I enjoyed this episode, but there were definitely some not-so-great moments. I’ll go with the positives. I like that Superman was still around and I liked J’onn and Clark’s beef. I also enjoyed the little Easter Eggs they dropped. The chemistry between Tyler Hoechlin and Melissa Benoist is great and the show is better now that they have actually let superman show up for the first two episodes. I also liked the two team ups. It has been frustrating that people complain that he overshadows her, which he doesn’t and they clearly don’t watch the show. Anyway, it looks like we’ll get a few aliens next week. Maybe we’ll get more Alex/Kara team ups. Speaking of Alex, I wasn’t a fan of what she was doing this episode. It seems like they just need their to be family trouble because of Clark and it got fixed way too quick. The cat stuff was bordering too mushy for me. We were told before the season that Calista Flockhart wasn’t a season regular anymore, so apparently she would’ve disappeared at some point. It’s score time and I’ll put this at an 80%.


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