This episode starts with Barry still not getting along with Julian. Barry and Iris go out on a date, but it gets interrupted by both a robbery and Cisco. They get back to Star Labs where Harry and Jesse come out of a breach from Earth-2. Jesse is a speedster now and they bring her to the Speed Lab, another change from Flashpoint. Wally is disappointed that he doesn’t have speed and we get an introduction to a girl with powers. Joe interviews the girl, Frankie, and talks to Barry and Julian. Harry, Cisco and Caitlin talk about not letting Jesse be a hero. Joe talks to Wally about Jesse having speed and him not having any powers. Julian approaches the girl about putting her foster father in the hospital and she starts pulling apart the station.

They find out Magenta was created by Doctor Alchemy. Before Jesse can sped off to find Doctor Alchemy, Caitlin talks to her about using her powers. She runs off after a confrontation with Harry and Wally goes off after her. They talk about how she activated her powers and Wally decides to try by jumping in front of a car. Jesse saved him and Barry laid into him about what he did. Iris visits the foster father and sees a tanker heading towards the hospital.

Barry goes off to stop Magenta, but needs help. That’s when Jesse helps him so he can talk Magenta out of destroying the building. He succeeds and returns the ship to the water. They find out the girl was having dreams, similar to what Wally has been. Caitlin finds her a new home in Keystone. Harry talks to Jesse about her powers and gives her the nickname, Jesse Quick. Barry and Iris try their date a second time. Barry has to run off to see Joe, where they see video of Rival’s attack.

I really liked this episode. This season has been getting progressively better since the premiere. I like the return of Harry and Jesse and I’m glad they’ll be sticking around for a while. The Wally arc was interesting because it shows that he may still become Kid Flash because of what Doctor Alchemy did for Magenta. It’ll be fun to see this play out. We also get more changes like the Speed Lab, which is cool. I also liked what they did with the Barry/Iris relationship. Here’s some negatives. Julian is still aggravating because he could be a great character, but isn’t. Plus, it’s kind of obvious that he’s Doctor Alchemy. He was too quick to unlock Magenta’s powers and deduced that she had powers a little too quickly. It was almost like all the times that Barry knows something and suggests a solution to people who don’t know he’s Flash. I also had a problem with how they displayed the abuse from the Foster Father. I liked the end where they found her a new home, but it was just weird how they showed the abuse which is a main issue in the episode. I’m excited for Mirror Master next week and seeing Jesse Quick in costume. Overall, I liked this episode and I’ll score it at an 86%.


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