Francis Manapul’s solo project, Trinity, enters it’s second issue. It starts with the three heroes arriving in what seems to be the past. Pa Kent just had a heart attack and young Clark flies away. Older Clark revives his father and after a bit if confusion, the Trinity goes with Jonathan to find Clark. Meanwhile, Bruce seems to think something more nefarious is going on. On the present, Lois talks to Jon about how Clark may not always be there in the morning to wake him up. Back in the past or wherever they are, Superman passes out and almost drowns. Jonathan saves him and Bruce points out that there is Kryptonite in the water. Their attention then goes to Diana who has young Clark. In the present day, a cloaked figure puts Jon to sleep and visits the three Heroes who are unconscious and wrapped in vines. The cloaked figure turns out to be… Poison Ivy!
This is another great issue by Manapul. This gives me a “For the Man Who Has Everything” feeling, but instead of being on Krypton he’s on Earth. Superman’s looking for advice from his father at a time when he needs it the most, but can’t because of disrupting the timeline. Unfortunately, they don’t realize they aren’t time traveling but under the control of one of Bruce’s rogues gallery. But who does she work for? What is the goal? This is getting interesting, especially with what was teased for the next issue… Murder in Gotham. Not only is the story great, but the art is amazing as well. The brightness of the art makes this book shine. This may be my favorite DC Rebirth book so far. I really don’t have anything negative to say. Maybe I wish they changed out of their costumes before heading off with Kent. It’s not like he’ll recognize them or anyone else for that matter. Then again, it is a dream world. I’d score this issue at 97%.


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