In this episode, Ollie chases down a suspect and gets info about Sampson, a drug dealer. The team gets antsy and goes after Sampson. The after effects of Flashpoint on “The Flash” have crept into Arrow. Baby Sara has been replaced by John Jr. Because of the events of the last episode, Diggle is locked up with Floyd Lawton, who was presumed dead. Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp go to Sampson’s warehouse and Sampson falls into a vat of chemicals. Ollie learns from the new district attorney about the death and flips out on Wild Dog. Sampson comes back to life and Ollie fights him at the hospital.
Meantime, Felicity and Curtis find out that Ragman is from Havenrock, the place Felicity diverted Darhk’s nuke. Sampson wasn’t dead, just placed in stasis. Thea told a reporter about trying to hire Quinton and Diggle talks to Deadshot about killing his brother. Ollie vents to Felicity about the team and Thea’s mistake. Dig tells Lyla to stop digging into the stolen bomb. Apparently, Lawton was only in Dig’s head.
Back at the Arrowcave, Ollie asks the team for help, while Curtis puts on a jacket with Fair Play on the sleeves. That’s a reference to his character in the comics. Ollie and the team stop Sampson and blow up the vat that made him powerful. They make a little quip about the elevator and how Ollie likes a vigilante with a hockey mask (Stephen Amell played Casey Jones in TMNT: Out of the Shadow). As Mayor, he introduces Quinton as Deputy Mayor. Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity tells Ragman about Havenrock and Lyla asks Ollie to break Dig out of prison.
The flashback weren’t really all that great… again. Anatole shows Ollie the kind of people that were killed when he won the bell race, murderers. He brought him to a room and the Bratva gave him all the scars on his back by slicing into his back with knives. I was hoping the flashback would get equal time and actually relate to the main story like in the first two seasons. Nope, they are exactly like three and four.
This episode was okay. Nothing to really write home about. The debut of Cody Rhodes as an Arrow villain after his time in the ring with Amell was disappointing. He didn’t have many lines, which I guess made sense. It was just a poorly written one off character.
The Mayor stuff was also not very interesting. You knew one day someone would fund out that Oliver is never there or has his sister running things. I’m curious as to where they are going with this Diggle arc. They had my hopes up that Flashpoint brought back Deadshot, only to find out John is hallucinating. The preview shows that the team doesn’t want to help break Diggle out.
More defiance from his new recruits is seen and it’s getting a little tiresome. I wonder how Ragman will react to Felicity’s bombshell. I liked the Mr Terrific reference with the mask and jacket. I’m waiting for Evelyn to become Artemis. I wish they took one episode to just have Ollie bond with the team. It seems like they want to get “back to basics”, but a superhuman from a vat of chemicals is not normal. The flashback not being good is not back to basics… Overall, I feel like the season has plateaued and I want it to be so much better. I’d score this episode at a 70%. It was a little better than last week, but not by much.


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