“Island of Scars” part two starts with Ollie and Dinah on the hunt for Diggle. They find a man who lives on the island. Meanwhile, Diggle is taken by a woman who works for the Ninth Circle and discovers an operation for heroin manufacturing. Ollie and Dinah decide to help the man and he wants them off his island. Unfortunately, they set the fields ablaze and caused an explosion in the technological lab. Diggle is escorted to a train station that was built by Ollie’s father, Robert. They were also approached years later by someone else from Queen Industries. That’s when the man appeared to see his wife, the woman keeping Diggle. Ollie and Dinah rescue him and fall down to the railroad tracks.
This particular story was not as good as the last issue. I fell like it was wrapped up to quickly, although I did like the Ollie/Dinah dialogue. I liked Benjamin Percy’s writing style, but unlike the Superman story this could’ve used another issue. The art, by Stephen Brynes, was a bit cartoony compared to the last issue. I get that they made all these technological advances, but we never really get to see any of them. Also with the man’s attitude, I can’t see him helping them and then just turning on them like that. What was a great beginning, ended poorly. The next issue seems to have to do with bring on the train, which could be interesting. I’ll give this issue a 77%. After liking the last issue, this was a disappointment.


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