In the second part of “Escape from Dinosaur Island”, Superman and Jon find a survivor in the cave. Captain Storm, whose lost a leg and eye, has been stuck there since world war 2. After some introductions, they create a plan to get the teleportation device back. Superman makes Storm a fake leg and he calls his pet Pterodactyl and they head to the area that Storm had seen the device. They fight a group of monsters, including a white gorilla. All of them have a glass eye and the gorilla has the device on his. Superman, Jon and Krypto fight one mister as Storm fights another. They get the teleportation device and try to bring Captain Storm home with them, but he stays with his fallen team. The super trio return to the lab but the leg and Crystal are gone. Jon asked if it was a dream as a shadowy figure appeared on panel.
This was a great two part story. I really enjoyed the dialogue. It was really well written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. I liked the art by Doug Mahnke as well. The dynamic between Clark and Jon is great and having Krypto there adds extra excitement because you’re never sure if something is going to happen to him. These short story arcs are a lot better than the 5-7 issue arcs because it gets to the point quicker. I’m very curious as to who the shadowy figure is. It also teased Batman and Robin in the next issue. Despite the fact I don’t really like Damien, I’m looking forward to this team up. I always used to like the Clark/Bruce/Dick team ups. Hopefully, it channels the fun of those. This issue was good although, I wish we had a little more information about the island and how this fits in the grand scheme of things. Overall, I’d give it a 91%.


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