The first issue of the “I am Suicide” arc starts with Bruce consoling Claire. He leaves her in Alfred and Duke’s care as he takes up Waller’s offer from a few issues back. He goes to Arkham to set up his own Suicide Squad to take on Bane and get back Psycho-Pirate. He visits a few cells with Jeremiah Arkham and Jim Gordon. He recruits the Ventriloquist, Bronze Tiger and Punch, who was, in truth, disguised as Gordon. To keep Batman quiet about a villain infiltrating the facility, Arkham allows Batman to choose Selena Kyle as well.

This first issue back for Tim King and Mikel Janin after a break during Night of the Monster Men was a basic set up issue. The idea of Batman assembling a Suicide Squad as opposed to The Outsiders is interesting. I was hoping Poison Ivy would be involved. Pre Flashpoint, she worked a lot with Batman as a sort of antihero. I like that Selena and Bruce are teaming up again… maybe they will hook up like old times. The art was good and I’m a fan of King’s writing. This was an average issue so I’ll score it at 75%.


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