The second episode starts right where the first left off. The JSA tries to apprehend the Legends. They fought and the JSA won. After being locked up, the JSA refuses to believe they are from the future. After getting a mission from the White House, the JSA tells the Legends to leave. They get back into the Waverider and Dr. Stein becomes leader of the team. Dr. Haywood realizes that his grandfather’s Dog Tags are gone. His grandfather is Commander Steel, who has the tags. They go back to 1942 to save them from a mission where they die. They find the club in Paris where Vixen is and explains to her the situation. Stein pretends to be Max Laurens and Haywood finds out what the Nazis are moving. The JSA saves the Legends when Ray refuses to salute Hitler. They bring the JSA back to the Waverider. They find out what Krieger is after and formulate a plan. Sara finds out Haywood’s blood doesn’t clot and Vixen tells Ray he isn’t a hero.

On the mission, Krieger injects himself with something Thawne gave him, turning him into a hulk-like monster. They are forced to retreat, leaving Ray and Vixen to get caught by the Nazis. Krieger has Ray and Vixen tied up. Stein is unable to devise a plan so he puts Sara in charge. Haywood has a heart to heart with his grandpa. The Legends, JSA and US military attack Krueger’s Base as Sara and Mick save Ray and Vixen. Commander Steel and Mid-Nite take on Krieger at supersize. Haywood picks up steel as he’s being chased. A bomb hits Krieger then another one hit the Grandpa-Grandson duo. Ray gave Haywood some of the Nazi serum and saved his life. The Legends say their goodbyes as Thawne appears to Rex Tyler. He kills him and takes the amulet. Vixen finds him and Rex gets out “time traveler” before dying in her arms.

This was another fun episode. The fight between the JSA and the Legends was cool, but Obsidian turned everything dark so it was hard to see all of it. That’s probably due to the budget, unfortunately. It cost them $2 million an episode last year, supposedly. That’s too much after adding “Supergirl” to the network. Anyway, I liked that fought side by side for the episode even though there was tension. I’m not a huge fan of Haywood. I think it’s interesting that Stein deferred to Sara as a leader of the group. It did make sense at the time, since she’s an assassin. I don’t know if they are trying to start something between Grandma Vixen and Ray, but I hope they don’t. There doesn’t need to be love triangles on this show. Some of the reasoning behind going back was a little loopy but I went with it because time travel isn’t an exact science. I would’ve thought Haywood would disappear if Commander Steel was dead, but they established last year that it takes a while to reverberate through the timeline. I see that they have Vixen on the team in the next preview, which takes place in feudal Japan. I guess that means they don’t get blamed for Thawne killing Tyler. I hope they run into (pun unintended) Thawne and the Legion of Doom soon. I have a feeling they don’t have anything to do with the crossover, so I’d like to see a confrontation before that. We’ll probably get it for the midseason finale. Back to the episode, I thought it was good. Maybe a little lower than the premiere, so I’ll give this episode an 82%.


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