Supergirl and the sleeping alien fight and he escapes. Meanwhile, Kara goes back to the office for James’s first meeting. Snapper takes over and directs everyone. Kara as Supergirl goes off to meet the President for the signing of a bill that allows aliens to become American citizens. Her arrival is attacked by the sleeping alien. Supergirl saves her and the President heads to the DEO.  After Alex gets into an argument with National City detective Sawyer, Alex and Kara head back to the DEO where the president talks to J’onn and the ladies about the bill signing. Kara goes off to see Lena Luthor to get her side of the bill signing. She shows Kara a device that is meant to ID aliens, so that humans know who to trust. Kara wrote an opinionated article that Snapper does not accept it. He wants her to keep her opinions out of the piece.

Alex goes to an underground dive bar with Detective Sawyer, where other aliens are drinking. Alex, then, goes back to the DEO and they locate the alien. Supergirl goes after him and finds out he’s a Daxite of the planet Daxam. He is trying to contact Daxam, which is no longer there. Supergirl visits him in the cell and there is a hatred between them because of a long-standing history between Daxites and Kryptonians. Kara went to see Lena Luthor and they talked about her article, which ended up being less biased against L Corp’s device. As Supergirl, she goes off to the Amnesty Bill Signing and a different alien attacks the president. The alien takes Detective Sawyer. During the fight, Supergirl use the Wonder Woman spin to get the fire off her which was awesome.

Alex goes back to the bar to see if anybody knows where she can find the alien assassin who took Detective Sawyer. The bartender says that she is over at the Foundry, so Alex and Supergirl go to save Sawyer. Supergirl and the alien fight and Supergirl takes the air out of her lungs so she can’t produce the fire. Detective Sawyer smacks her over the head as she goes for a gun. Alex helps Detective Sawyer get bandaged up. James stands up to Snapper at the office. Kara explains to the Daxite, whose name is Mon-El, that his planet has become a wasteland in the aftermath of Krypton’s destruction. Supergirl gets to say goodbye to the president, who seems to have some sort of alien abilities. J’onn goes to the alien bar and sees a girl who is freaked out by Martian Manhunter’s appearance. He goes after her and she shows that her name is M’gaan and she is the last daughter of Mars.

I liked this episode. I was worried that without Superman it would go back to season one levels, but it was still a good as the previous episodes. I enjoyed seeing Lynda Carter as The President. She made a little Jet joke at the end referring to the invisible jet, which was neat. I am curious as to whether they will be bringing her back with that little tease at the end. Maybe she wasn’t the real President. Maybe a White Martian? I’m not sure. It could also be part of the crossover. At first, I was a little weary about Sawyer as a character but she became more likable as the episode rolled on.

Overall, the themes are very timely. The Alien Amnesty Bill is analogous to the Dream Act for Illegal Immigrants in the United States. It’s also a hotly debated topic in politics. It seemed obvious where Berlanti and the writers stood on the issue, but they didn’t throw it in our faces. I appreciated J’onn’s stance on the issue. He’s able to come at discrimination on two fronts. It also felt very much like X-Men and the struggle between Mutants and Humans. I will say this has been my favorite Arrowverse show this season so far, which has surprised me. Overall, I’d give this episode a 89%. The dialogue was still not great at times, but it was an enjoyable episode.


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