Snart is back, but it’s from three years ago. It shows the particle accelerator exploding and someone gaining powers by disappearing into a mirror. He comes out in the present day looking for Snart. Meanwhile, Barry helps train Jesse and has a stay-at-home date. Jesse and Wally hang out as Wells helps find another Wells for when he returns to Earth-2. There was also some awkwardness with Barry and Joe about kissing Iris. Joe goes to see Mirror Master’s girlfriend in Iron Heights and the meta shows up to break her out. The team got a hit on a new Wells. The top, his girlfriend, brought him up to speed. Cisco, Caitlin and Harry swipe through possible replacement Harrys. Barry has another awkward moment with Joe.

Barry and Jesse went after Mirror Master, but Barry got stuck in a mirror and Jesse was hit by Top’s vertigo powers. They brought Barry back to the lab and they tried to get the mirror cold for Barry to phase out of it. When everyone left to check the metahuman alert, Caitlin used her freeze powers to lower the temperature of the mirror. Plus, Jesse and Wally kissed. Barry got out and used Snart to trap Mirror Master. Jesse went after Top and Barry tricked Mirror Master using Mirrors. Joe gets asked out by the detective he’d been working with all episode, as they watched Mirror Master in his cell. The new Wells arrives and Harry and Jesse leave. Barry decides to move out and Caitlin starts to turn into Killer Frost.

This was a fun but weird episode. I loved the addition of Mirror Master to the rogues. Now we need Marden, Snart and Rory back for an episode so we can have the rogues against Barry. Anyway, I love Jesse’s costume and the funnier Harry. There was a lot of relationship stuff this episode, but it didn’t deter from the main story. No Julian, so that was a plus. No Alchemy either. Going back to the particle accelerator was maybe a step in the wrong direction, but they wanted to have Wentworth Miller back on the show. This is part of the reason why network TV seems like a step behind.

I did like the balance between humor and seriousness. This is something season two had problems doing. I also liked the tease of Killer Frost. I still think Caitlin will be going to the dark side. I’m also waiting for Black Siren to return. I’m not sure if the metas are still locked up in Star Labs. I’m a little worried about next episode, judging by the preview but I’ll keep an open mind. Overall, I think this episode was okay. Maybe it was a little dip from the improvement we’ve been seeing. I’ll score this at 75%.


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