The team stops one of Church’s goons and retrieve a device from Kord Industries, giving it to the police. Oliver gears up to break Diggle out of prison. He keeps the team out of the loop and tells everyone he’s taking a few days off. Tobias Church steals a Kord Industries device from police lockup along with other weapons. Thea and Quentin go to the Arrowcave and find the team battered from their encounter with Oliver, trying to stop him from breaking John our of prison.

The team figures out a way to take down Tobias Church as Lyla and Oliver work on the prison break. Felicity tries to convince Ragman to come back to the team. As the team gears up to go after Church, Ragman comes back and they go after Church. The DA had one of Church’s people hold up in a facility. Curtis gets stabbed in the back and Wild Dog took on Tobias and lost. Ollie got Diggle out of prison. Tobias had Wild Dog tied up and Ollie swore to rescue him. The flashbacks involved Ollie and Anatole following a lead on the man Oliver is looking for. Oliver gets himself thrown in jail so he can talk to one of his men. He gets whatever information he can and kills him.

I liked this episode. It’s an improvement from the last two episodes and close in terms of the Premiere. I expected the team to fail without Oliver, which a more realistic choice as opposed to what they did with Laurel. The fact that Wild Dog is taken is an interesting move. The previews sort of spoil the outcome of that cliffhanger.

It was only a matter of time before Diggle came back to Star City. It been hard for him to split the attention between Star City, his situation and the flashbacks. That was a weakness of the previous episodes. I thought the flashbacks made more sense for this episode for once. It had something to do with the present day situation. That was something the flashbacks in the previous two seasons, lacked for the most part.

The idea that the team could stop Oliver was a little silly and how is Tobias Church getting all these gadgets, like the thing that blew a hole in the building? Also, the District Attorney is bothering me. He’s actually quite annoying. It’s almost like they want him to be Quinten but in fast forward. Bet he finds out Ollie is the Green Arrow too and becomes a Two-Face like character.

My thoughts for next week. Why would they show Ollie getting shot unless it’s a ploy. He obviously doesn’t die. They did that already. I’m worried next week will fail all of this set up material. I also wish they gave Evelyn more to do. Curtis gets most of the spotlight and the rest is split between Wild Dog and Ragman. Overall, I’d give this episode an 85%. The positives definitely out weighed the negatives


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