The latest issue of Back to the Future starts a new arc that deals with the alternate present Marty came back to after the third film. He tells Jennifer about the changes like Eastwood Ravine and Lone Pine Mall. He asks his father and the pastor of his church if predestination is real or if changing your past, changes who you are now. It’s a really interesting theory and really deals with some of the criticism of the second two films. He gets a note from “A friend in time”, but is it Doc or the Marty that was born into this universe?

This franchise truly does deal with the concept of time travel the best. When Doc and Marty altered the timeline in 1885 and 1955, they did what Biff did in the second film but to a less extreme extent. This was a great setup issue for this next arc. I continue to enjoy Bob Gale and John Barber’s writing and this was my first encounter with Emma Vieceli’s art, which was great. I would give this a score of 90%.


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