As the team recovers from their encounter with the JSA, Vixen has snuck onto the ship to kill Mick. She mistakes him for Rex’s killer. Nate gains superpowers from the serum Palmer gave him, so Sara put him in charge of helping Nate with his new steel powers. During his training, the hatch is blown open and both Ray and Nate get lost in Feudal Japan. As Sara, Mick and Vixen go searching for them, Martin and Jax find a secret hatch with weapons and a secret message from Barry in the year 2056.

In Japan, the Shogun takes Ray’s armor and Nate is found by a woman. Her father helps him recover, but not before the Shogun’s men attack Nate. He wasn’t able to turn to metal so they stabbed him. The woman is to marry the Shogun. After the away team finds Ray, they run away as the Shogun fires Ray’s weapons at them. They find Nate and they decide to retrieve Ray’s suit and stop the Shogun.

Ray trains Nate and shows him how to defeat his suit. They square off against them and win, but Nate had to destroy the suit. They returned to the ship and the Firestorm teammates decide to not tell the team about Barry’s message. At the end, they race off in the Waverider and down the time current.

This was an interesting episode. Maybe a little dip from the last two, but still enjoyable. I was wondering how Vixen was going to join the team. I was sort of hoping for an EoBard appearance to the team. All the ninja and Star Wars jokes were pretty funny, especially “Master Yoda ha taught you well.” The love story between Nate and the woman was a little clichéd. I thought it was great to have Ray come to terms with not having his suit, it’s just a decision that will heavily effect the mission from now on.

Unfortunately, Firestorm wasn’t given much to do this episode. But they had probably the most important scene. I’m wondering what the 67 year old Barry Allen had to tell Rip Hunter about the future. I love the dynamic between Martin and Jax. They really play well off each other. I wonder when we’ll get some teases for the crossover. Maybe that Barry message was it? I’m not sure.

Unlike “Supergirl”, the first episode without the JSA did bring the show down a little bit since it felt less connected to the main storyline of the Legion of Doom. Despite my qualms, I’ll score this episode at an 82%. There was more that I liked about this episode than didn’t.


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