In the latest issue of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” by Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya, Tommy fights Black Dragon on the Moon as a powerless Jason pilots the Dragonzord. The mission was to save Billy from the 5th Dimension. He was there with Goldar, a fellow prisoner. Billy tried to get him to help get out of there, but Goldar refused. The armies of Earth tried to fight against Rita and the Ranger’s zords. Tommy, on the brink of death, was able to break Black Dragon’s arm and rip it off before Jason teleported him back into the Dragonzord. They had no choice but to retreat back to earth and teleported to the room that the rangers were in at the Command Center. Trini was able to reach Alpha, whose head was disembodied in a junk pile. When Jason and Tommy got back, the rangers used the green power coin and Black arm to morph. As Tommy recovered, the four remaining rangers morphed, but they were all green!

Of course there was another secondary story by Steve Orlando. I really wish they would stop those. I skipped it because it automatically ruins the great main story happening in the book. Honestly, this would be my favorite current series if they dropped those Bulk and Skull stories. Otherwise, this was a great issue. Started in media res and gave us more information in terms of story building without being filler. It’s frustrating that I can’t give this issue a higher score. If I could split them up, I’d give the main story a 95%. It was very tightly written by Higgins and I love the art by Prasetya. But Overall, this issue gets 85%. The extra story just knocks it down for me. If you are willing to skip the story at the end, which is 2-3 pages, then grab this issue and all the back issues.


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