The episode begins with Mon-El getting into the Kryptonian pod on the day Krypton was destroyed. Meteors fell as he locked inside by the Prince of Daxam. We see him in present-day retelling the story to Kara, J’onn and Alex. Sawyer calls Alex from a crime scene and Kara and she head there. An alien was killed by another alien. J’onn goes to M’ggan to see if they could psychically link. She refuses. Kara went to Snapper with the Alien story. Alex and Sawyer go to a eyes wide shut like party where aliens fight each other. Kara shows up, after M’ggan fights, and goes up against a large alien. Alex gets her out of the electrified cage. J’onn is informed about M’ggan’s involvement as Mon-El and Winn go out to test the alien’s powers.

Supergirl approaches the woman who runs the fight club, Roulette. Kara talks to Mon-El about going out of the DEO and J’onn gets kidnapped by Roulette as he went to apologize. The fight club is gone when Kara looks for J’onn. She goes to Lena Luthor, who knows where the next fight is held. Roulette has J’onn and M’ggan fight to the death. Kara and Alex lead the DEO in as J’onn and M’ggan fight the large alien. Kara breaks it up and they arrest Roulette. Unfortunately, they had to let her go. Alex asked Sawyer for drinks, but her girlfriend showed up. Kara gets her story okayed and takes Mon-El into her care to help him. J’onn goes to see M’ggan and smooth things out. After he leaves, she reveals herself to be a White Martian.

This was an interesting episode. We got to see Miss Martian in action and a little more development on the Mon-El front. The writers have been great at pacing this season. Last season they tried to cram some stuff while making it a procedural. Thankfully, CW knows how to handle superhero shows. Major pluses are the fight scenes and character development. I’m cautious about the Alex/Sawyer partnering. I don’t know what they are trying there. I like how Winn is being integrated into the DEO as their Cisco, basically. I can’t really think of too many negatives, except maybe a throwaway scene with Luthor and the article storyline with snapper. Having multiple stories at once could’ve done major damage, but they were able to juggle all of them.

This is the best written show in the Arrowverse right now. They found their stride and took off running. I am curious to see if the Kara/Mon-El relationship stays platonic. I am worried about next week. It looks like Jimmy might be going the Laurel route. I really hope not. They have a great thing going here between the Martian story, Mon-El and Kara’s new position. Having Jimmy be more than just head of CatCo might be a step too much. We’ll see how it goes. All and all, I really enjoyed this like the previous episodes. I’ll give this a 93%. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still excellent.


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