Superman #10 begins a new arc “In the Name of the Father.” We see Jon Kent in school as a girl bumps into him, talking to someone in an earpiece. We see Jon and his friend, Kathy, head towards Dead Man’s Swamp near a spooky grove. Being on Christmas break means going out and looking for a Christmas Tree. Jon thought he’d do his dad a favor by picking out one on his own. Unfortunately, his heat vision goes haywire and forces Nobody to save him with Goliath, a furry monster. He shows his freeze breathe and they almost die if it weren’t for Goliath. She knocked him out and he comes to in Robin’s lab. Batman finds out that Damien kidnapped Jon and Superman comes in heat vision blazing. After the miscommunication is settled, Bruce offers to run some more tests on Jon after seeing some of the results from Damien. Clarke agrees and back at the cave, Alfred brings the boys to see Damien’s pets. The Super Sons fight and Alfred gets caught in Jon’s freeze breathe. Batman and Superman show up just in time.

I will say I am not a fan of Damien, but I enjoyed the dichotomy of these two characters. This series has been fantastic since I picked it up at issue 8. I liked that Patrick Gleason did the art for this issue as well as co-writing it. I really enjoyed the art. It was really crisp. Mick Grey did a great job on the inking and John Kalisz made the artwork pop with the coloring used. The story was a great introductory issue to this World’s Smallest team up. I like the idea of Superboy going through Batman’s boot camp. It also illustrates the issues between the super dads as well. I’m interested in where this will take us. I’d give this issue a 94%, mostly because the circumstances of Jon being at the Grove were sort of weird and just letting Kathy continue home alone and Maya was a bit wasted.


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