In this episode, We find Barry living with Cisco and Earh-19 Wells and it seems like Cisco isn’t too thrilled with the new Wells. Barry is also still having work problems, with Julian going to Captain Singh about him leaving early, coming in late and supposedly looking through his lab reports. With only a verbal warning, Julian is annoyed that the rules don’t seem to apply to Barry. There is also a new threat to Central City, a giant monster towering the skyscrapers. Cisco continues to have problems with Wells as they try to fight the monster, but the monster disappears.

Caitlin went off to see her mother, who is also a biomedical scientist. She and her lab partner try to help Caitlin with her freezing abilities. After they came to the same scientific results, Caitlin decided to leave. But the lab partner locked the doors and stopped her from leaving. In return, Caitlin almost killed him before her mom came in. They had a heart to heart and seem to be trying to mend their relationship, which was the real reason she went there.

Back to Central City, Cisco and Barry are on to Wells after he couldn’t perform a triangulation and seemed to not really be helping. Cisco went through his stuff and found a recording device. Wells caught them and told them to keep playing. Seems he is a novelist and a scientist. Cisco and Barry accept it for now and go back to solving their monster problem. Barry decides to shadow Julian to learn from and about him. We find out he carries a gun when the monster attacks. After Barry saves him from falling debris, the monster disappears.

The police gear up at the end to take out the monster. Barry and team figure out that it’s a hologram. He rushes to stop the police from shooting at it. He goes to a building where Cisco believes the signal is coming from and finds Julian with his gun pointed on the person controlling the hologram. Flash grabs the suspect before Julian kills him and finds out its just a kid. We find out Wells isn’t a scientist, just an ideas man. But the team gives him a second chance. Joe has a talk with the kid about felling powerless. Barry has the same conversation with Julian, who realizes that jealousy is the root cause of his dislike for metahumans and realizes he was wrong about the Flash. He and Barry go out for drinks. The tag shows a message from Caitlin’s mom about her powers. She says not to use them because it’ll be harder to reverse and Caitlin freezes the desk and computer uncontrollably.

This was a nice episode for character development with a non-villain. This has sort of become a norm in this CW shows, having an episode where the villain doesn’t matter. I get that they need these episodes, but I feel like they could have done the same thing in an episode involving Alchemy. Even thought they’ve tried to make Julian a more likable character, I still don’t like him. If he doesn’t end up being revealed as Alchemy or some big threat, then he’s been a waste of time. I enjoyed the look into powers and that she went to see her mom. I can see why she like her. She does come off as … cold. The romance stuff was put on the back burner and we got some more information about Earth-19 Wells. I think it’ll be fun to see a Wells who can’t help them out of every situation.

We get back to Alchemy and Wally next week. Maybe my theory about Alchemy giving Wally powers was right. He seems to be angry or not in his right mind. It should be a good episode and maybe we’ll learn more about Alchemy as well. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Caitlin’s powers manifest and how the team reacts to them. I’m going to keep my theory that Julian is Alchemy. I think the hating Metahumans thing is just a facade.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Even though it was filler, it provided answers to some of the questions about Wells, Julian and Caitlin. I will score it at around 83%. It was pretty average.


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