Oliver and the team are on the hunt for Rene. After Oliver deals with some mayor stuff, he finds Rene in the woods. Church ran and Rene said he told Church that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Oliver has to deal with a stubborn Councilman and a reporter shadowing the man. We find Felicity talking to her boyfriend and Dig grills Rene about his time in captivity. Church uses a masked man to protect himself from Prometheus.

Oliver sits down with a reporter who isn’t very fond of him. We find Rene talking to Dig again. After a meeting with the congressman from earlier, Oliver walks out the front and gets shot by Church’s masked man. After being pronounced dead, we find out that a man named the Human Target faked being Oliver to take the bullets. Human target tells Oliver about Billy and Felicity. Dig helps Rene remember information about his torture. Oliver confronts Felicity about hiding her boyfriend.

Human Target, Spartan and the team fight Church’s crew. Oliver fights Church, who warns him of Prometheus. After a press conference, the reporter gets information about exploits off the island. Prometheus kills the detail hauling Church and kills Church. The flashbacks involve Ollie joining the Bratva and a party in his honor. Two guys try to kill him for not having the right intentions, but another man kills them. We see it is Human Target.

I liked this episode. It was a more fun than some of the recent episodes. I liked Diggle’s talks with Rene, maybe Spartan takes a more advisory role on the team now and only springs into action when needed. I liked the opening sequence of Ollie and the team trying to find Rene. It was very well shot. The addition of the Human Target was an interesting choice. I liked the actor who played him and I hope we get to see him again. The Olicity stuff reared its ugly head, but not for too long.

The picture at the end is going to spell trouble for Ollie. I think, by the time the season is over, he will make his identity public. It also seems like next week will start the main event of Arrow vs Prometheus. I’ve seen a few theories on the web as to who it could be. I think it’s Talia al Ghul. She’s supposed to be coming to Arrow and only someone of those skills could be Prometheus. I’d give this episode a solid 90%. The streamlined story and the synchronization of the flashbacks are what drove my scoring.


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