In issue 4, we are in the closing moments of the miniseries. Snake eyes breaks into the Transformers stronghold. The micronauts also arrive fighting Snake Eyes and the Transformers. Rom realizes the damage he’s been causing to the mirconus universe and Optimus unites the group. Miles, after seeing Snake Eyes’s distress signal, speaks to the dire wraiths and he orders the M.A.S.K. team to attack the Cybertronians. Scarlett figures out that Miles left them out of the loop and goes after them. M.A.S.K. finds out that Miles is working with the Dire Wraiths. During the epic battle, Baron Kazan merges with the Dire Wraith leader.

The reveal of Miles working with the Dire Wraiths didn’t come as a surprise to me. It was a little telegraphed in the first issue. I actually think in the next issue we’ll find out that he is a dire wraith. I’m glad we got Snake Eyes in this issue. It seems like there are some spinoffs to read for the full story involving the Joes and Action Man. This is the first time all series that we’ve had an editor’s note directing us to a different issue for back story. The thing that stood out in this issue was the art by Fico Ossio, especially the big splash page fight between everyone. It was pretty awesome. John Barber and Cullen Bunn continue to do a great job with the writing. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the G.I Joes and Transformers become friends or at least team up to take out Miles. This issue was good and I’d score it at 83%.


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