In this latest episode, Kara brings Mon-El to work with her as Mike. He awkwardly talks to James and Kara shows her his desk. Alex and Sawyer talk at the underground bar about Sawyer breaking up with her girlfriend. Kara and James go for a walk when some robbers almost hit them. She springs into action, but they had some sort of laser weapon. James got into the action and got whooped. Back at the DEO, they find out which Alien weapon was used when another Cadmus message comes on the screen. At CatCo, James feels weak being behind the desk.

As Kara chastised Mike for passing off his work, Lena invites her to a gala. After a little talk about Maggie, Winn finds another attack and Alex calls Kara. By the time she gets there, the same crooks are using more alien weapons and she saves a police officer who was thrown into the sky. We see Cadmus talking to the crook and gives him a new weapon. Maggie and Alex have an awkward moment and Kara finds Mike trying to bang James’s assistant. James takes a trip to the DEO and asks Winn some questions about possible attack locations. James waits in a mask and hoodie and attacks the crooks. He got beat up once again and help people get out of a building before it collapsed. As James bandages himself up, Winn walks in and says he knows James was at the Federal Reserve building. James talks about not wanting to be a sidekick anymore. Winn refuses to help him and tries to talk him out of it. Kara vents about Mon-El to Alex and Lena comes over to ask for an in with Supergirl. The crooks talk to Cadmus about Lena’s gala. Supergirl visits Lena and she asks her to come to the gala, putting Kara in an awkward position.

Winn helps Kara be both herself and Supergirl. The crooks crash the party and Supergirl springs into action again. Winn finds Lena under the stage with a device to counteract the alien weapons. The gala was a trap for the crooks. James was saved by Kara and the crooks’ weapons were destroyed. Maggie was putting the crooks in a truck but the Cadmus lady killed them with a device from afar. Winn agrees to help James in his vigilante quest. Kara visits Mon-El and talks about him needing to find his own path. Alex tells Maggie indirectly that she might be a lesbian. Supergirl talks to Lena about helping each other and we find out the Cadmus lady is Lena’s mother.

I liked this episode, like the rest of the season so far. It continued the plot of the season and set up some interesting possibilities. I wonder if the friendship between Lena and Supergirl will come to an end because of the reveal. I’m also curious as to how they will handle the Alex/Maggie situation. One thing I wasn’t thrilled with was James and his vigilante quest. I don’t think we need him doing something like this and it smells of Laurel writing to me. This is something I will keep an eye on and I hope it doesn’t derail what has been an excellent season.

I didn’t really like the setting a trap idea and there wasn’t really any issue with Lena doing it, which I thought was weird. I liked the “Project Mrs. Doubtfire” reference as a Robin Williams fan. The ridiculousness of Mon-El/Mike was hilarious. I was missing J’onn and M’gann in this episode. I felt like the James storyline sort of took over for their absence. I am worried about a possible love triangle between James, Mon-El and Supergirl. I like the subtlety they used with exploring Alex’s sexuality. It’s something that is usually rushed or awkwardly used in shows or films. Overall, a bit of a dip from the rest of the season. I’d score this at 88%.


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