The episode starts with Ollie and Diggle following the signal from Church’s cell phone. They find a warning, “So it begins.” They figure out that Prometheus has been searching for the Green Arrow, killing whoever is in their way. Mayor Queen is interviewing with the reporter who gave her number and Thea warns him about going out with her. Thea and Lance show Ollie a flyer for a music festival in Seattle. He approves and they get to work. Prometheus killed a woman in her home. As Green Arrow talks to the D.A. at the crime scene, another murder occurs and Diggle suggests that Felicity go get evidence from her boyfriend. She takes a throwing star. Oliver walks into his office, where they see “Oliver’s girlfriend” on the news talking about Prometheus. Felicity analyzes the throwing star as news comes that he’s attacked again. Oliver and the team get to work by getting people to safety. Panic ensues but the killer was there. People start shooting at nothing, forcing Ollie and Diggle to take down the shooters.

Ollie informs the team of Prometheus. They are upset for being put out of the loop. At the office, Thea finds a bottle in Lance’s desk. Curtis figures out that the people killed create an anagram, spelling out names of people from Robert Queen’s list. The team finds out that Ollie was a serial killer when he first came back to Star City. They feel like he lied to them. Thea finds out Lance has been drinking since he became Deputy Mayor. Ollie’s new team discusses their concerns over their leader. Diggle goes and talks to Ollie. Felicity finds a potential list of victims. Evelyn goes to Ollie with her concerns as the team splits up to look for the next victim.

Evelyn finds Prometheus on a subway train. Felicity gives ollie her location as we see her engage in a fight with Prometheus. Ollie gets there and Prometheus disappears. There is a bomb on the breaks, so Ollie gets the engineer and Evelyn to safety with a parachute arrow. Ollie and Evelyn have a forgiveness session. Felicity goes to her boyfriend and tells him she works for the Green Arrow. Ollie and the team make an appearance at the music festival as themselves. Felicity shows up and tells Ollie that the throwing stars are made from Ollie’s old arrows. It cuts to Lance with a throwing star and cuts on his arm. In the flashbacks, Anatoli and Oliver work on a bomb as the bar gets shot up by Kovar’s people. Oliver is introduced to the head of the Bratva who wants him to use his name to get an in with Kovar. It was a trap, so Kovar could meet Oliver and kill the head of Bratva.

This was a good episode. It finally gave us an episode geared towards the plot of the season. With that end scene, you would think my prediction of Talia being Prometheus is now null and void. On the contrary, I think it is more of a chance now. “Arrow” always gives us false leads and tries to trick us. I think pointing the finger at Lance is a way to throw Ollie off the scent and cause him to question everyone in his circle. That is the point of using names from the list and arrows that he’s used in the past. Prometheus is sending a message. Church may have told Prometheus that Oliver is the Green Arrow, but I believe Prometheus already knew.

Anyway, this episode for the most part showed things that were sort of obvious. One was that Lance was still drinking. I figured that. Another is that the team would have issues with Ollie lying to them once again and the awkward love talks between Felicity and Oliver. I did like that was had an episode focused on Evelyn. It seems like there has been an episode where each member becomes the focus of the episode. I do feel like she is going to be the only one to stick around. Wild Dog is too much of a wild card, Ragman has his own journey to go on, and Curtis will end up joining the Legends. Artemis, although they haven’t called her that yet, is sort of a replacement for Roy in the comics and in the show “Young Justice”.

The flashbacks have been up and down this season. I wish there was more of a balance to them and I hope we get an Odyssey-like episode where it’s mostly flashbacks, but I doubt it. Diggle and Felicity were there, along with Thea, doing what they normally do. I’m also going to predict that Oliver goes public with his identity after the reporter finds out he’s the Green Arrow. Overall, it was a solid episode that gave us a little more meat while pushing most of the other arcs to the perimeter. I will score it at 84%.


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