During a drug deal in Miami in 1987, Thawne shows up and offers Darhk a partnership. On the Waverider, Mick teaches Ray how to use the cold gun. Nate received a message on a new device that can detect time disturbances. They headed to 1987, where there was an issue at the White House involving The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Maya takes Nate to the JSA training facility, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched in a long time. Ray and Mick find Darhk. He is a member of the White House negotiation team on the INF Treaty. Sara heads toward him but the Secret Service becomes aware of their presence. There is a slight incident that exposed Firestorm and the heat and cold guns to the public.

Maya and Nate encounter Obsidian at the JSA training facility and get information about the last forty years. Mick and Ray camp out at where Darhk is meeting someone. Darhk meets with a KGB agent. Martin’s younger self followed Darhk to the park where he stabs him in the stomach, forcing older Marty to collapse. As they saved younger Marty, Maya and Nate went to visit Obsidian for help getting into the state dinner. We find out Rex and Maya were going to leave the JSA together, hence the reason she’s hunting down his killer.

The Legends get to the state dinner where Martin sees the younger version of his wife, with who he dances. Nate spots Darhk and Sara springs the team into action. Darhk tells the team there is a bomb upstairs at the dinner and then the team fights Darhk’s team. Ray finds the bomb and tries to disarm it. Obsidian took a bullet for Maya and Sara approaches Darhk and tells him his future before Thawne swoops him away. Sara grabbed the information Darhk needed. Martin tells his younger self to pay more attention to his wife and Maya says goodbye to Obsidian after healing his bullet wound. The final scene involves Darhk being amazed by a woman from the future and Thawne puts him in the pod from season one of the Flash and opens a breach for them to enter.

This was a fantastic episode. It does a few things, like explain what happened to the JSA and how the Legion of Doom is formed. It was fun with the episode taking place in the late eighties during the Reagan administration. I wasn’t overly eighties but you had a Miami Vice feel to the beginning of the episode. It didn’t go full nostalgia like “The Goldberg’s”, but it was a nice dip in the water. You also get some closure with Sara and Darhk over Laurel’s death, although I wonder if Flashpoint undid that or if this encounter changes things… I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There was a great dynamic between Maya and Nate, but not in a love interest sort of way. It was more of a family friend telling old war stories. I know eventually she should go back to 1942, but I wonder how that is going to work. The crossover is set to begin the week of November 28th, which is probably the midseason finale.

The show was just given another four episodes. That brings this season to 17 episodes. As much as I liked last week’s episode, it ended up being filler. Now filler isn’t always bad, but I’d prefer each episode to have something to do with the plot of the season. That is something Supergirl has taken from The Flash. They have the little tag scenes that give you a little something about the overarching goal of the season. This is the first episode of Legends that gave us something substantive regarding the Legion of Doom. This episode means we’re two weeks away from the crossover. I couldn’t find anything about an episode on Thanksgiving, so next week’s episode involving Jonah Hex will be the last before their episode of the crossover, which is the finale of the crossover. I would expect maybe one more episode before the winter break. Anyway, the future of this show is promising.

As you could tell by my gushing, I enjoyed this episode very much. The only negatives I can think of are the mentioning of time ripples that are shown in young Martin’s behavior as opposed to how older Martin remembers them. Then at the end, he gives his younger self advice that could cause more ripples. They never went into detail about the ripples, which might confuse people who aren’t Time Travel sweaties. I’ll score it at 90%.


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