In part two of “Who is Marty Mcfly”, Marty wonders who left the note in Doc’s Lab. A professor, Irving, approaches Marty and tells him that he left the note. Professor Irving explained that he tried to create his own time machine for the government after they moved on from Doc. After two decades, he failed to complete the project. He needed to know the final part, so he hunted down Doc. Failing to locate him, he contacted Marty. Marty called Doc back to 1986. Marty questions Doc about his memories and the possibility of fading out of existence. They realize that Irving conned them out of the flux capacitor and a group of Martys attacked them from behind.

This sets up a wonderful story about paradoxes and how time fixes itself. What would happen to Marty from the Twin pines timeline? Not even Doc knows, but I’m not sure Irving does either. The use of multiple Martys at the end is interesting. Did Irving go to alternate universes and bring them back? Does the Back to the Future have a Multiverse? I would assume so. I’m glad Bob Gale and John Barber have decided to explore this route. I also really enjoyed the art again by Emma Vieceli. I’m really looking forward to what’s next.. I’d score this at a 89%. The only real negative I see is that it was mostly exposition, but I’m hoping that we get some action next issue.


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